Spectrocem High pressure safety stop SP300-E

Product Features

  • Stainless steel safety shut-off  device (SSD) for pressure control panels
  • Immediate stop of the gas supply at excessive increase of the outlet pressure
  • For corrosive, toxic gases and gas mixtures with corrosive components up to quality 6.0
  • Suitable for an inlet pressure up to 300 bar
  • Suitable for max. outlet pressure between 1.5 and 100 bar
  • EU-type examination (module B, model type) according to guideline 2014/68/EU
  • CE certified (CE 0036)
  • Designed for easy installation
  • No extra power required (process gas controlled)
  • Shut-off of the gas supply near the source saves gas (no loss by venting via the waste gas line) and increases safety.
  • Saves installation cost - no pressure relief piping necessary
  • Simple reset can put the SP300 back into operation service after the fault correction

Gas supply equipment for corrosive and toxic gases and gas mixtures up to quality 6.0

Technical Data
Inlet pressure P₁
max. 300 bar
Outlet pressure P₂/Set pressure Pₐ
1,5 / min. 4 bar 4 / min. 6 bar 10 / min. 16 bar 20 / min. 30 bar 50 / min. 80 bar 100 / min. 140 bar
Body: stainless steel 316L Sealings: EPDM or FKM
In- and outlet
1/4"-NPT female
Temperature range
-20°C to +60°C
Leak rate
1 x 10⁻⁸ mbar l/s He
Nominal size
DN 5
0.5 kg
Spectrocem High pressure safety stop SP300-E

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