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Spectrosys - Alarm- and control systems for gas supply equipment

Spectrosys - Product features

Spectrosys includes alarm and control systems which are specific to gas supply systems. Spectrosys units monitor and control processes and applications with gases. Versions for EEX areas (flammable gases) can also be provided as standard units.

Functions / Applications

Spectrosys-products can be used for almost every gas supply system in industries, laboratories, research and hospitals:
  • Low gas control
  • Pressure and flow control
  • Emergency shut off
  • Automatic change over
  • Automatic purging
  • Automatic process control

Technical data

  • Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • Signals: acoustic and visual
  • Delay function
  • Auto test function
  • Potential free output
  • Electric or pneumatic outputs

Arbeit Spectrolab

Arbeit Spectrolab