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Spectrolab - Gas supply equipment for non corrosive gases and gas mixtures up to grade 6.0

Spectrolab - Product features

The design and the performance of Spectrolab equipment is specially adapted to applications in laboratories as well as R&D with highest demands in terms of accuracy and reliability. The products are made of chrome plated brass. All pressure regulators and valves are with a stainless steel or Hastelloy diaphragm. The Spectrolab range is diverse and very flexible to meet almost all customer specific needs. Easy, quick and cost saving installation is an additional feature of these products.


Spectrolab products can be used for a huge variety of pure gas applications as:
  • Laboratory applications as e.g. GC, HPLC, GCMS, AAS, ICP
  • Regulating and dosing of high purity gases
  • Laser applications
  • ... and many more applications in laboratories, industries, research and  doctrine

Technical data

  • Inlet pressure: max. 300 bar
  • Outlet pressure: 1,5 bar - 200 bar
  • Max. flow: 40 Nm³/h
  • Leak rate: 1 x 10-8 mbar.l/s

Arbeit Spectrolab

Arbeit Spectrolab