Troubleshooting and fault rectification


Possible cause


Outlet pressure too low

Process gas source empty

Check inlet pressure on the pressure regulator and change the process gas source if necessary

Vibration noises in the pressure regulator

Pressure regulator faulty

Replace pressure regulator

Pressure regulator frozen

Flow rate too high

Reduce flow rate or use gas preheater if possible

System pressure cannot be set to the desired value

Pressure regulator faulty

Replace pressure regulator

System pressure outside the intended system pressure

Only operate the system at the intended range


Flow insufficient or fluctuating

Inlet pressure of the process gas too low

Increase inlet pressure

Valve faulty

Replace faulty valve

Filter loaded

Change filter

Relief valve, over-pressure valve, safety valve or burst disc are discharging gas

Impermissible pressure rise in the outlet pressure range

Close all valves and check pressure control panel

HPI valve cannot be opened or closed

Pneumatic pressure too low

Check pneumatic pressure

Compressed air hose ripped

Replace compressed air hose out


Connection leaking

Flush pressure control panel clear and perform pressure test and leak test