Preparations for commissioning

The commissioning of the pressure control panel may only be carried out after the integration into the inventory has been completed. Commissioning is not permitted until the incomplete machine has been installed into a complete machine and this corresponds to the provisions of the EU Machinery Directive and the EC Declaration of Conformity according to appendix II A.

Before putting the equipment into operation for the first time, the entire pressure control panel must be purged via the PLI valve right up to the process. It is imperative to adhere to the direction of the gas flow when doing this. You must not purge counter to the usual direction of flow (from the tapping point to the pressure control panel), since this can flush debris resulting from the installation work, for example, back into the pressure regulator (PR).

The connecting threads and connecting surfaces of the gas source valves as well as the sealing rings must be checked to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Always turn shut-off valves as far as the stop when opening or closing them.

Make sure that:



Do not open the gas source in triggered status!



The pressure relief line cannot be discharged, as it is used to activate the safety shut-off device. Only the waste gas / exhaust air lines can be discharged.
The procedure and further instructions for installation, commissioning, operation and dismantling are described in the operating instructions of the pressure control panel.