General information on dismantling




Noise emission

When working on pressurised pneumatic supply, significant noise emission can occur. Acute and chronic loss of hearing may result.

  1. Never perform work on the pressurised pneumatic supply without hearing protection.
  2. Only replace the silencers when the supply is unpressurised.



Injury or damage in the event of incorrect assembly or disassembly

Special steps are required for assembly and disassembly work on the product. Personal injuries and damage to the product are possible.

  1. Assembly and disassembly work may only be carried out by the installation engineer or appropriately skilled specialist companies and persons.
  2. The product is not permitted to be re-used following disassembly. All components must be disposed correctly.




Incorrect switching actions or confusion can occur due to inadequate lighting.

  1. Ensure sufficient lighting in accordance with the statutory regulations.


Before dismantling and disposal of the product, it must be taken out of operation and purged. The product must then be disconnected from the auxiliary media supply.

The dismantling process is to be carried out in the following order:

  1. Purging of the product and decommissioning.
  2. Disconnect the product from the gas supply system.
  3. Disconnect the product from the process.
  4. Remove the product – to do so, please refer to the "Installation" chapter.
  5. Seal all ports on the product.
  6. Pack the product.