Basic information on the safety instructions

The product complies with the recognised technical regulations. Nevertheless, knowledge of the media used and their dangers as well as basic knowledge of the pressure control panel are prerequisites for safe and accident-free operation.

The user manual must be read and understood by every user. Instruction must be documented in writing.

The safety instructions are to be regarded as a supplement to the applicable accident prevention regulations and laws. Existing accident prevention regulations and laws must be observed in all cases.



Hazards from the operating environment of the system can lead to injuries to persons.

  1. No changes may be made to the system which result in a change in function.
  2. It is not possible to outline and cover in this manual all hazards arising from the environment or unforeseeable operating conditions of the system.


In the Safety Instructions chapter:



DANGER indicates an imminent danger. If not avoided, death or extremely serious injuries will result.



WARNING indicates a potential imminent danger. If not avoided, death or serious injury could result.



CAUTION indicates a potentially imminent danger. If not avoided, minor or moderate injury could result.



NOTICE indicates a potentially harmful situation. If not avoided, the system or property in its vicinity could be damaged.