Intended use

The high-pressure safety stop SP300-E is an indirect-action safety shut-off device (SSD) with outlet pressure actuation. The intended use is the immediate interruption of the gas flow between the gas source and downstream valves in the event of an impermissible increase in the outlet pressure.
A key feature is a relief valve built into the outlet pressure. By connecting the relief valve to a control pressure line, the SP300-E is driven with its own medium.

Safety shut-off devices of type SP300-E are suitable for flammable gases, non-flammable gases, oxygen and additionally also for use with corrosive and toxic gases and gas mixtures up to gas quality 6.0.

The permissible gas types and pressure ranges are each specified on the label (see "Identification / label").

The equipment versions of the Safety shut-off devices without electrical components may be used in an explosion hazard zone as they do not have separate ignition sources (ignition hazard assessment according to DIN EN ISO 80079-36).

To be able to use the Safety shut-off devices as intended, all persons working with it must comply with the specifications of the relevant user manual.

The area in which hazards can occur when used as intended is the area around the Safety shut-off devices. The danger zone changes depending on the system status and use.