This user manual is the original user manual for the Safety shut-off device SP300-E from Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH, referred to as Spectron.


The user manual is intended to facilitate correct and safe operation for the operating firm, and to warn against misuse. It is intended for the qualified personnel and the operator of the facility.



Incorrect operation

Incorrect operation of the system, e.g. due to instruction errors, can lead to personal injury or damage to the system.

  1. Access to the user manual by the operating and maintenance personnel must be absolutely ensured at all times.
  2. A copy of the system documentation including the user manual must therefore be kept either on the system or in a suitable and accessible location.

This user manual contains information protected by copyright law. It must not be photocopied, reproduced, translated or copied onto data carriers, either in full or in part, without prior authorisation. Spectron retains all further rights.